Ancient Japanese martial traditions (Kobudo), Ninpo, Ninjutsu and Jujutsu.
Photo ByEd Watson
Photo ByEd Watson

Overview  – Ninjutsu and Ninpo Martial Arts

True Martial arts the actual meaning associated with a martial artist is determined by means of the individual that apparently consider himself a martial artist. As well as other words there are numerous version of specifically what the meaning is.Is one right and the other wrong? Not at all!!! It’s more personal than that. Its depends on your life-experiences as well as your whole take on life. So when you need to know the actual meaning of the term martial artist. I would personally advice you to have a look on the mirror. It will tell you allot about how exactly you define martial arts

Niji No Hashi Dojo would like for you to have the ability to use the mind/spirit/body for true self-defense. And become the Martial Artist of tomorrow So just why should we practice a specific etiquette inside the martial arts school, and what are those etiquette ? I can answer the most important question in a single word; Samurai. Samurai is an adverb that has become a noun. The term Samurai means “to serve”. They have the same connotation as those that “serve” in today’s military services. They pursue a higher cause, recognize superior authority, and act selflessly in defense of our nation. The Samurai did the same for his feudal lord. Among all of those who “Serve”, whether or not the military, law enforcement, fire prevention, or any other volunteer services, there’s a standard code of conduct. This code of conduct is based from necessity. An individual must conduct oneself in a certain manner to continue being part of the group; in order to “serve” an authority; in order to interact with each other; and in order to have interaction with the higher authority, and those who are enemies of said authority. With all the Samurai, that code was called Bushido, or the Ways of the Warrior. These codes of conduct – or etiquette pass on with all the warrior methods him selves. There are clear reasons for this. Warrior methods are methods of war, killing, and defense. Comprehension of such dangerous means demand serious controls on the conduct of those who possess such knowledge. There is an additional level of etiquette relating to warrior groups. These are actions essential to gain entrance, maintain acceptance, establish place, and gain respect within the warrior group. This is common among all warrior groups, whether those of the Samurai, the martial-art dojo or the armed forces.
Even though the term Ninpo Bugei is actually recognized throughout the world, only a few know its true significant. Within Ninpo lies eternal truth. Ninpo is the highest possible self-defense of mind, body, spirit and heart.

Ninpo is actually a group of useful martial customs that have formulated inside Japan since the ancient time period ( before the 12th century), and that have already been blended during the modern period under a single extensive martial system. This technique includes the eighteen martial necessary skills (bugei juhappan) for those common bushi (warrior), and another group of eighteen unconventional kinds of martial skills (ninja juhakkei) for special warfare. These make up the foundation . Another element of Ninpo, as well as these thirty-six martial abilities, is really a unique world view, thought and philosophy, as well as esoteric methods. This world view emphasizes the defensive characteristics of Ninpo, and the need to possess a thoughtful heart and soul.

Disclaimer: The information in this video stems from  the opinions of the author and are not part of nor  influenced by the Genbukan Federation. All statements regarding martial arts and various organizations also imply being the author’s sole and original work.
The Genbukan Federation does not endorse nor support these statements as their own and remain property of the author. Results of learning this most prestigious martial art may very from person to person based on their own capabilities and can not be guaranteed. It is most important to realize Genbukan Ninpo was strictly designed for maximum self-defense and does so with great power. However, Genbukan Ninpo must also be used to the minimal limits necessary in removing  the threat as current laws and ethics dictate further use as unnecessary and you may be held accountable for any irresponsible actions. Uploaded on Sep 14, 2011 What is Ninjutsu? Have you ever thought? For some it is a choice of martial arts martial arts including decisions. To others, it’s the martial art of the Ninja – these superhero, commando, super-warriors capable of taking on an army of “bad-guys,” single-handedly. 
But if you go to meet these “what” name “Ninjutsu”, it seems logical time to understand and know what the”what” is? Otherwise, especially with something as deep as Ninjutsu, also known as”Ninpo” in its most philosophical form of life skills, you could end up losing much time, effort and money – and still no closer than you were, when you started! This article explores the question that is asked almost never. 
”Is Ninjutsu a real martial art?” And, believe it or not. the answer comes straight from the Ninja’s philosophy – not the author’s opinion!

It is also important to note that, regardless of the attempts of a group of instructors to force the Ninja martial art into a formal, “official” structure – a “right” way to do it. The fact remains that ninjutsu is different than any other existing martial art. So much so that I personally don’t believe that it is a “true” martial art at all. Well, this is a controversial statement. And here’s why I believe that to be true. 
But this belief is not on an empty opinion, unique way of dealing with the oy basis – it comes from three decades of research, investigation and a direct projection, the use of real world and the knowledge of what to get the old masters of art and philosophy and way of life handed down. 
In the realm of conventional martial arts – as opposed to “True Budo” – the real “martial or warrior ways” that were passed down to us from ancient masters – there are certain common factors that are simply outside of authentic Ninjutsu. Some of these factors are:
1) adherence to a set to do standard things. The presence of a “style” mentality. 
2) In general, there is only one school or a set of principles taught. 
You can see this even in schools where the teacher has attempted to combine styles in an attempt to fill in the gaps of each other. 
3) A focused, competitive sport or recreation, and. 
4) Almost entirely limited to the learning of and use of martial, combative, and self defense skills

To be sure, there are many other commonalities among today’s conventional martial arts. 
But the point is that at least these elements in contrast to the focus and the ideals of Ninjutsu. The art of Ninjutsu is not, and has never been limited to “fighting” and self defense. Did this article? Absolutely. But, in the realm of the Ninja’s philosophy. 
Self-defense and martial aspects are designed to protect the philosophical teachings – not the other. In fact, in today’s world of conventional and sport martial arts, the student learns or develops life qualities as a by-product of the martial training. 
Completely opposite to the fact that the student meets the old Ninja lessons and strategies to rebuild their lives in order, in consultation with their lives meaning and the universal laws – are, and then the military capabilities there to protect the lives of all who can threaten.
In conventional martial arts systems, if a student wants personal development training, it has to be added on or he or she must seek it out elsewhere. In Ninjutsu is the personal development and life skill lessons that give an objective to enhance the capacity of self-defense! In Ninjutsu is the only purpose to combat skills for the protection and preservation of life! Not for rank, awards, status, increase oil and glorification of the ego! Very, very, very different focus. So, are you looking for a martial art where you can be a “tough-guy” – one where you can win trophies and earn a bunch of brightly colored belts. Or search for something deeper, more meaningful – something that the test of time and product Warriors stood – “fight ” not only.  

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