The Mayor Howard Weinbrecht, Jr of Cary,NC issued a proclamation


Recognizing October 18, 2008 AS MARTIAL ARTS DAY IN CARY

Proclamation Cary,NC Martial Arts

WHEREAS, martial arts promotes important values such as discipline, commitment, self-control and determination that that invaluable in all areas of life; and

WHEREAS, martial arts provides a powerful foundation for emotional development and success skills that lasts a lifetime; and

WHEREAS, it enhances self-esteem, goal setting abilities, anger management, and the skills of non-violent conflict resolution in people of ages, helping them to become more productive and healthy people; and

WHEREAS, participation in martial arts builds character, focus, strength, flexibility and coordination while enhancing performance in others sports, in the work place, at home, and in schools; and

WHEREAS, on Martial Arts day, martial arts schools across the nation partner with the National Association of Professional Martial Artist to rise awareness regarding the benefits of martial arts and to encourage participation.

NOW, THEREFORE , I Howard Weinbrecht, Jr., mayor of the town of Cary, North Carolina, on behalf of the Cary town council, do hereby proclaim Saturday, October 18, 2008, as Martial Arts Day in Cary and encourages all citizens of Cary to explore opportunities in martial arts and enjoy it’s many benefits both physically mentally for their health and well being.