The Great Fear Is Not Having Courage

Courage should define you.

Courage fear

Life rewards courage and my life is an example of my bravery. As a Martial Artist my decisions reflect the fact that I am brave and capable. However, I also recognize when it is wise to be cautious.

Consider the long-term impact of your decisions and act boldly. You should feel a sense of responsibility to fully utilize your capabilities.

Others will admire your courage. While they avoid fear, you should welcome it as a chance to stretch your self and expand your courageousness as you overcome it. Fear should be your friend, but it will never visits for very long.

When you are in new situations and feel uncertain, you will feel your courage swelling within you. Once you have this feeling, you can act with certainty and comfort.

Each time you do something new; you will feel pleasantly surprised by how capable you are.

New experiences provide opportunities to exercise and strengthen your courage, and you should welcome them. Such experiences grow and enhance your other skills as well. Others will recognize your capabilities and quietly admire them.

When you go to bed remember all the things you do each day that demonstrate your bravery. This will make you feel good and increases your ability to act courageously. Every day you will feel stronger and more capable.

Today, You are ready to tackle a challenge. Be comfortable in your capability to handle this task and look forward to the experience. Your life is an example of your courageousness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What challenges are you avoiding?
  2. Why are you avoiding them?
  3. How can you motivate myself to take action to overcome them?


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