The challenge That Stops PROBLEM Dead in Its Tracks

What can you do today to challenge your mind and increase its capacity to deal with adversity?

Training in the Martial Arts each day, I grow stronger in mind, body, soul and my spirit.



Every day provides the possibility of growing stronger in every way. I seek out and take advantage of these opportunities. The possibility of growth is interesting and exciting to me.

I find ways to make my mind stronger. I constantly challenge my thinking and beliefs. Through challenge, I increase my capacity to overcome adversity.

I give my body the respect it deserves. I eat healthy food to provide my body with the nutrients it needs to be at its best. I exercise my body on a regular basis in order to be strong and fit at age of 65. I get the sleep I need to feel alert and well rested each day.

I use prayer or meditation to nourish my soul and spirit. Giving these activities regular attention is a sure way to strengthen my spirituality.

Seeking small enhancements in each area of my life is easy and attainable. Small, incremental changes bring excellent results with a minimal amount of stress. I easily find opportunities to make these small changes.

Today, I am focused on strengthening every aspect of my being. I am embracing challenge as a chance for growth. My mind, body, soul and spirit are growing stronger.

How can you incorporate prayer or meditation into your life?