My Forgiveness as a Martial Arts is my sanctuary.

My sanctuary.


 Forgiveness makes my world a safer place. Letting go of resentments protects my physical and mental health.

Pardoning others helps me to overcome self-pity. I learn to view myself as a survivor. I handle disappointments and carry on with my responsibilities.

Resolving conflicts brings me peace. When my mind is at ease, I have more energy to devote to the activities that are meaningful to me. 

Practicing forgiveness strengthens my relationships. My friendships become more durable. I am able to interact effectively with a broader range of co-workers and neighbors. This gives me more support and opportunities to grow.

 I know that forgiveness is a process. Sometimes it is easy. Sometimes I work hard at it.

 When I find myself unwilling to forgive, I pray and meditate. I think about the benefits of opening my heart.

 In challenging situations, I approach forgiveness gradually. I put myself in the other individual’s position to try to understand their actions. I wish them well even if I continue to disagree with their decision.

 I distinguish between pardoning others and being a doormat. When I forgive someone for any trouble they may have caused me, I enable myself to transform our relationship. We may grow closer or we may move on to new situations that are better for both of us.

 Today, I discover safety and freedom through forgiving myself and others.

 Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Who is one role model who shows me the power of forgiveness?
  2. What is one example of how I enhanced my own wellbeing by forgiving someone?
  3. What does my spiritual faith teach me about showing mercy?

–Ismael Rodriguez