Kobudo is the word used to refer to the ancient (classical) martial arts schools of Japan.

Kobudo is the word used to refer to the ancient (classical) martial arts of Japan.

Traditional Kobudo martial arts schools impart a lot more than fighting strategies and are also more than the usual “good exercise routine.” These arts-many of those are actually hundreds of year’s old-are holistic approaches to expand, improve, and empower body and spirit, and also to assist in strengthening the connection between body and mind, spirit. Intended for the traditional practitioner, martial arts are paths of physical, intellectual, spiritual, as well as social growth, not competitive sports or marginally socially acceptable types of violence.

The traditional martial arts have much to offer children and adolescents, and will serve as vehicles for improving and strengthening mind and body, spirit. The most popular belief is the fact that martial arts as well discipline young boys and girls. And, while even though this is sometimes true, it is the numerous other advantages of training-the improved focus, concentration, as well as self-control-that really provide youngsters with the actual life skills to choose to be disciplined.

The fact is, there is a robust body of scientific research demonstrating the fact that martial arts improve self-esteem, confidence, and mental health among children, adolescents, and young adults.1-4 additionally there is evidence that martial art training minimizes aggression, physical violence, and also inappropriate social behaviors.