I expose my family to a variety of experiences.

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Martial Artist
Martial Artist

Sharing new experiences with my family is a source of great joy for me. I enjoy going on adventures and seeing new things with those I love. My family and I participate in a wide range of activities together because I want us to be well rounded.

I am taking an active role in teaching my family about culture and art. When I plan our monthly activities, I look for information on local museums and art exhibits that we can visit together.

Our monthly activities also include time spent listening to live music by various artists from a wide range of backgrounds. I expose my family to every genre of music, from classical orchestra to modern pop. I allow my family members to explore their own musical preferences.

I take my family to formal restaurants as well as home-style diners. I am selfless enough to put aside my personal preferences so my children can visit many new places.

The people I hang out with are as different as the flowers in a garden, each beautiful in their own way. I love people from all walks of life and from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

By loving others without regard to status, wealth, or other characteristics, I am teaching my family to open their hearts to true friendship.

Today, I choose to take the limits off my family’s experiences. I encourage us to venture out of the comfortable bubble of the familiar and to adventure into the unknown. I put personal preferences aside to enrich the lives of my children with new experiences.

I am a classic man.
Ismael Rodriguez

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What out-of-the-ordinary activity can I share with my children this weekend?
2. How can I teach my children to accept others?
3. In what ways does a wide range of experiences help my children?