How Dark Is Your Personality

How Dark Is Your Personality
How ~Evil~ Are Youthe dark triad traits

Do you have a ruthless streak? Psychologists believe the “dark triad” of personality – Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy – might help you succeed in life. To measure your own dark side, choose how much you agree or disagree with the simple statements  – and we’ll tell you how dastardly you actually are.

The test consists of twenty-seven statements that must be rated on how much you agree with them. The test should not take most people more than five minutes.

The Dark Triad personality is a term that emerged relatively recently among personality psychologists. A person who demonstrates the characteristics of the Dark Triad is often manipulative, unsympathetic to others, and thinks they are deserving of admiration. It might be easy to recognize some of these traits in other people, but how can you objectively examine them in yourself? This quiz asks a series of simple questions, each meant to measure a different part of the triad, to give you a measure for the Machiavellian, narcissist and psychopathic traits you embody as well as an overall measure of how ~evil~ you are.

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Niji No Hashi Dojo Cary, North Carolina