Dress and Grooming Standards Policy

Our school promotes a high standard of health and hygiene in its day-to-daywork with children and adults. This is achieved in the following ways:
To prevent the spread of infection, adults will ensure that the following good practices are observed: Personal hygiene
 Hands washed after using the toilet.
A box of tissues is available and children are encouraged to blow and wipe their noses when necessary. Soiled tissues are disposed of hygienically.
 Children are encouraged to shield their mouths when coughing.
 To ensure suitable and appropriate standard of dress and grooming is upheld to meet infection control and safety standards.
Clean, neat and tidy clothing is to be worn at all times.
Personal Hygiene/Grooming Overview
  •   Fingernails are to be kept clean and short at all times.
  •   Hands to be washed in accordance with policy and instructions given during infection control training.
  •   Jewelry should not be worn where bacteria could gather ie: under rings worn on hands.
  •   Hair is to be clean.
  •   If hair is long and loose if must be tied back off the face.
Hygiene standards expected are high. Students are to be made aware of any negative impact , particularly offensive odors including stale cigarette smoke and strong perfumes and body odor.
Hands are the biggest spreaders of germs in a Dojo. Studies show that hand washing lowers the transmission of diarrhoea and colds, and targeted disinfection at critical sites reduces the spread of infection in our dojo. Wash your hands before class with hot water and soap to prevent spreading germs. Wash them every time you’ve been to the toilet.
 Handle with care
The greatest risk of infection in the bathroom comes from surfaces that are frequently touched by the hands, including the toilet flush handle and seat, taps and door handles.
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