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College Preparation Tips to Give Your High School Senior

Successful people come from all backgrounds and levels of education

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Going to college can be a stressful time for parents and their children. It’s a time of great change, with a lot of laughs and tears. Even though your senior may be ready to go to college, it’s still going to be a big adjustment. The more prepared for college they are, the better their chances of succeeding and staying happy during their time away at school.

You’ll want to give your child the best information and support you can. Every child is different, but there are some things that every college-bound senior should know.

Remember the Importance of More Than “Book-Learning”

College is about new experiences and not all of them take place in the classroom. In order to help your high school senior be as prepared for college as possible, do all you can to ensure they’re ready for life inside and outside of the classroom.

  1. Remind them that their relationships will change, no matter who they’re with.
  2. Repeat that they have your support – no matter what direction life takes.
  3. Equip them with knowledge about alcohol, drugs, sex, and other serious matters.
  4. Provide only an agreed-upon sum of money, and only when necessary.
  5. Discuss the future with real world examples, so they’re focused on success.

There is so much to a college experience today, and it’ll be different for each person. Some of that is due to differences in personality, but some of it also depends on how far away from home the college is. If a student is living at home, his college experience may be far different than a student who is hundreds or even thousands of miles away from his parents.

The influence you have over your child throughout the senior year in high school will change when they go off to college. Understand that even the best parenting doesn’t always save a child from challenges. You can prepare your child for college, but then it’s up to them.

The Value of Education in Today’s World

Education is becoming more and more valuable with each passing year. Technology is changing the way things are done and those with higher education are generally the ones who see the most success. It can be hard to get a high school senior to take the future seriously, but imparting good information is vital.

When you see your senior off to college, remember that there will be somewhat of a trial and error style of learning, at least at first. Some people are ready for college right out of high school, and some aren’t. If your child isn’t ready and doesn’t perform well, don’t despair. He can attend college at a later date and do just fine.

In short, don’t assume that your child will perform exactly the way you expect; all you can do is give the best information and support you have to offer. Keep in mind that your young adult is an individual and will have to find his or her own way. The life experienced in college and beyond is up to them!

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Focus on your accomplishments

Martial Arts Activities That Build Your Self-Confidence

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Everything becomes easier when you’re brimming with self-confidence. As soon as self-doubt enters your mind, your ability to act is compromised. Self-confidence might seem to rise and fall in a random fashion, but there are steps you can take to increase the level of confidence you experience on a regular basis.


Enhance your self-confidence and accomplish more with these techniques:


  1. Achieve a goal. Start small. Your goal might be to arrive to work on time every day this week or to eat a piece of fruit each day. Easy goals are easy to accomplish. When you accomplish something, you feel more confident. Choose easy goals that make a difference. The accomplishment of many, small goals will change your level of confidence.

  2. Make a list of your accomplishments. It’s interesting that our failures are easy to list, but our accomplishments require a little more pondering. Make a list of your accomplishments and review them each day. Remember how great you felt in that moment.

  3. Groom yourself to a higher standard. Get a better haircut. Spend a little more time and attention on your grooming each morning. Learn how to apply your makeup more effectively. Trim your beard in a more attractive manner. Trim those stray ear and nose hairs. You’ll be surprised how much better you look and feel.

  4. Be assertive. Having more control over your life results in greater self-confidence. One of the quickest ways to increase the level of influence you have over your life is to be more assertive. Give yourself small tasks to accomplish that require assertiveness. A few examples you might consider:


  • Walk into a fast-food restaurant and ask for a cup of water without ordering anything else. It doesn’t matter whether your request is granted. Just ask.
  • Tell your boss one thing you’d like to change about your job or your work environment.
  • Make one suggestion to your significant other that would enhance your relationship.
  1. Dress nicer. We all feel more confident when we’re dressed well. Up your game and put the “nice clothes” in your closet to work for you. Think of your friend or coworker that dresses the best. Shoot for a similar level of clothing while maintaining your own style. It takes the same amount of time to put on a nicer shirt.

  2. Practice breeds confidence. You’ll be much more confident if you practice your speech ten times instead of five. Whether you practice your flirting skills or your ability give presentations, your confidence will increase with practice.
  3. Drop one thing from your life. The odds are high that you’re currently stuck with an obligation in your life that you don’t enjoy. While there are some things in life you have to do, there are just as many that you don’t. Take control and drop one of these non-essential activities that you prefer not to do anyway.
  4. Find a mentor. The right mentor can make all the difference. Knowing that you have an expert on your side is sure to boost your confidence. A good mentor will provide the support and guidance necessary to reach your goals. Good mentors aren’t easy to find, but well worth the effort to locate.

Some of us are blessed with a high level of self-confidence while others must learn to cultivate it. Focus on your accomplishments, be more assertive, and find a mentor. Spend time each day growing your self-confidence and experience real personal growth.

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9 Ways to Push Beyond Fear

Fear-distressed-girl-Martial Arts

Fear is the biggest roadblock to success. Fear is a constant companion if you’re attempting to grow and achieve. The most successful people are often those that manage fear most effectively. Those that manage fear poorly are often the least successful. Learning to push beyond fear is a valuable skill that greatly increases your odds of success.

Conquer your fear and achieve success:

1. Control your thoughts. It’s possible to think about anything you choose. The best way to stress yourself is to think about stressful things. You’re not more effective when you’re afraid. You’re less. That doesn’t mean you should bury your head in the sand, but put yourself in a frame of mind that makes you most able to deal with the situation.

2. Consider the worst. Take a moment to consider the worst likely outcome. Can you handle it? Can you maneuver in a way that makes the worst outcome manageable? If you know you can handle the worst, there’s no reason to be afraid.

* Be prepared for the worst and you’ll find it rarely occurs.

3. Breathe. Focus on your breath and slow your mind. Your mind will take reality and run wild with it. Focusing on your breath will calm your mind, and reality remains. When stress is at your doorstep, just stop and breathe.

4. Imagine a positive outcome. Raise the level of your expectations. Your fear will melt away if you expect something positive to happen. Create a future that you find exciting and visualize your fear away.

* Repeat this exercise several times a day. Eventually, you’ll begin to believe it.

5. Exercise. Physical exertion is an excellent way to burn away your fear. It’s hard feel afraid when you’re exhausted!

* Go for a quick run, a long walk, or lift weights. When you’re pleasantly out of breath, you’ll find your fear has lessened.

6. Get support. Talk to friend or a mentor. Be choosy! Some of your friends and family are more supportive than others. Find someone going through the same thing and console each other. Online forums can be helpful, and you can remain anonymous.

mentor7. Understand that change and fear go hand in hand. There’s a reason to be excited when you’re afraid: It’s very possible that you’re at the beginning of a great change in your life.

* Nothing seems to change when you’re comfortable 100% of the time. Be excited that you’re doing something that creates feelings of fear. Your life may be about to change for the better.

8. Make a list of the benefits of moving forward. Create a long list of the positive results that could result from being brave. Give yourself several reasons to motivate yourself. For example, if you’re starting a new business:

* Create a greater income.
* Do something you love.
* Finally realize your dream of being an entrepreneur.
* Not to mention you’ll have the amazing experience of overcoming your fear!

9. Do it anyway. Fear is a lousy reason for not doing something. It’s not a good excuse, though it is a socially acceptable one. Be brave and resolve to do the thing you fear. It will be easier the next time. Build your tolerance to fear by facing fear daily.

Do you allow fear to determine your actions? Fear is a self-imposed roadblock on the path to progress. Developing the skill to handle fear appropriately is necessary to move forward in any aspect of life. When you feel fear, you’re on the verge of making a significant change in your life. Get excited!

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Stop Dreaming you don’t know how many more tomorrows you’ll enjoy

Learn These Important Life Lessons Before It’s Too Late

Dreaming 2

Imagine how much different your life would be if you could start over again. You’d probably choose a different career and put your time and energy into different things. There are many life lessons you can learn right now.

You could live the remainder of your life feeling passionate, joyous, and fulfilled!

Consider how these lessons might apply to your life

  1. It’s impossible to please everyone. Even if you’re the kindest, smartest, funniest person to ever walk the Earth, someone out there won’t like you. There’s no way to make everyone happy. So, do what you can to please others while making yourself
  2. No one else cares. Sure, your friends and family care to a point. But everyone else is usually too preoccupied with their own life to worry about your successes and failures.
  • Nobody is watching. Feel free to make mistakes and be silly
  1. The older you become, the more important your health will be to you. Health is only important to us when it’s failing. After you develop a few aches and pains that never go away, you start to realize that your body will eventually fail you.
  • Get a head start and begin taking care of yourself today.
  1. There are only so many tomorrows. We put off everything until tomorrow, Monday, or next year. Time is passing by. You don’t know how many more tomorrows you’ll enjoy. Get busy making the most of them.
  2. Apologize quickly. Life is too short for petty disagreements and grudges. Be the bigger person and apologize.
  3. You can change. You can change your weight, income, social life, career, and just about anything else you please. Your limitations only exist in your mind. 
  4. Television will steal your life. Television is a big, sucking, black hole. If the best thing you can find to do with your time is watch television, you might consider working on your life. No one ever improved their existence via the power of TV. It’s a highly effective way to distract yourself, but it solves nothing.
  5. You’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did. When you look back on your foolish choices, you’ll laugh. When you look back on the things you didn’t do, you’ll feel a sting that never goes away. If you’re not risking your life, take your best shot. 
  6. Money is great for solving certain challenges, but it’s not a cure for everything. Some people say that money solves nothing. Love is all that matters. But love won’t pay the mortgage, feed your family, or repair a flat tire. Money is a necessary part of life, but it doesn’t solve all your problems. Money and love are necessary, just not for the same things.
  7. Your level of success will matter less at the end of your life. Up until middle age, we put too much emphasis on our careers. It’s only later in life that we realize there were other things more worthy of our time. Have you ever heard a dying man lament that he didn’t spend more time working? You never will.


Consider these lessons to be the message your older self might tell you today.

You can take advantage of the wisdom you haven’t experienced yet.

People at the end of their lives repeat these life lessons consistently. You’ll likely feel the same way in the future. Why not live now like the wise person you’ll someday become?

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Acknowledge your anger and then concentrate on fixing the situation

A Completely Different Approach to Venting

punching a bag in a Martial arts Dojo

If you believe that screaming or punching a bag in a Martial arts Dojo will make you feel less angry, think again. Studies show that venting unpleasant emotions can reinforce those feelings. On the other hand, like Sigmund Freud said, bottling them up is usually even worse.

So, what can you do with your anger and anxiety? Try these tips for processing and expressing difficult feelings.

Preventing Unpleasant Feelings

  • Take a deep breath. Tension builds up quickly. When another driver cuts you off, pause and pay attention to your breathing. Loosen up your shoulders and neck. Think about something that makes you laugh.
  • Accept discomfort. Distracted drivers and earthquakes are part of life. Plan for delays and obstacles so they stop taking you by surprise.
  • Care for yourself. Healthy lifestyle habits make you more resilient. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Maintain a consistent bedtime that allows for adequate sleep.
  • Shift your attention. Stop feeding the flames. Catch yourself when you’re dwelling on last night’s argument with your teenage daughter or next month’s water bill. Lighten up by watching YouTube videos or meeting a friend for coffee.

Viewing Unpleasant Feelings Differently

  • Question your assumptions. It’s difficult to resist blowing off steam if you still believe it will provide relief. Check in with yourself a half-hour later to see if your anger is gone. Read studies about how road rage can affect your heart.
  • Set priorities. It’s worth fighting injustice if your child is being bullied at school. If another shopper wants to count four cans of cat food as one item, it makes more sense to be flexible.
  • Assume responsibility. Indignation is less tempting when you face how you contributed to the situation. Did you criticize your daughter about her grades when you meant to discuss cleaning up her bedroom?
  • Focus on solutions. Unpleasant feelings can be beneficial when they prompt you to take action. Acknowledge your anger, and then concentrate on fixing the situation.

Responding to Unpleasant Feelings Differently

  • Seek validation. Talk with a friend or family member about your concerns. Receiving compassion and support will help you to cheer up and put things in perspective.
  • Ask for feedback. Confidantes who have nothing at stake in the situation may also help you to clarify your perceptions and understand your options. Talk about how to deal with neighbors who throw noisy parties or keep borrowing your parking spot.
  • Negotiate conflicts. When possible, approach the other party in a dispute directly. Work out compromises so you and your neighbors can be friends.
  • Consider counseling. If you’re angry or upset more often than usual, there may be underlying causes that you need to explore. Therapy provides a safe forum for healing and developing new life skills.
  • Write it out. Maybe a journal would help. Keep track of what is triggering your irritation or sadness. Are you working too much overtime or struggling with single parenting?
  • Stay offline. You’ve probably read stories about employees who lost their jobs because they thought it was safe to complain about customers or their boss online. Even if you remain anonymous, prolonged griping is likely to leave you feeling more disgruntled.
  • Create new patterns. The good news is that each time you decide to pursue constructive remedies instead of whining, you train yourself to become more calm and resourceful. Soon you’ll have little desire to vent.

It may feel gratifying to have a meltdown over your property taxes or snap back at a disruptive coworker, but indulging those impulses comes at a high price. Protect your physical health, relationships, and peace of mind by dealing with unpleasant emotions constructively.

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Recognize and challenge negative ideas that come from fear.

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The Mayor Howard Weinbrecht, Jr of Cary,NC issued a proclamation


Recognizing October 18, 2008 AS MARTIAL ARTS DAY IN CARY

Proclamation Cary,NC Martial Arts

WHEREAS, martial arts promotes important values such as discipline, commitment, self-control and determination that that invaluable in all areas of life; and

WHEREAS, martial arts provides a powerful foundation for emotional development and success skills that lasts a lifetime; and

WHEREAS, it enhances self-esteem, goal setting abilities, anger management, and the skills of non-violent conflict resolution in people of ages, helping them to become more productive and healthy people; and

WHEREAS, participation in martial arts builds character, focus, strength, flexibility and coordination while enhancing performance in others sports, in the work place, at home, and in schools; and

WHEREAS, on Martial Arts day, martial arts schools across the nation partner with the National Association of Professional Martial Artist to rise awareness regarding the benefits of martial arts and to encourage participation.

NOW, THEREFORE , I Howard Weinbrecht, Jr., mayor of the town of Cary, North Carolina, on behalf of the Cary town council, do hereby proclaim Saturday, October 18, 2008, as Martial Arts Day in Cary and encourages all citizens of Cary to explore opportunities in martial arts and enjoy it’s many benefits both physically mentally for their health and well being.



As a Martial Artist You have to actually take action to acquire skills

The key to an amazing life is understanding the difference between wishful thinking and belief.

Belief generates the willpower to take action & acquire the knowledge to do big things.You have to build real practical skills, you can’t just sit around and try to use positive thinking as a crutch. In this book

“The Magic Of Thinking Big”.

Thinking Big

The book says it this way: “People confuse (belief) with wishful thinking. And true enough, you can’t wish away a mountain.

You can’t wish yourself into an executive suite or a high-income bracket. You can’t wish yourself into a position of leadership.But you can move a mountain with belief.

There is nothing magical or mystical about the power of belief.
Belief works this way. Belief, the “I’m-positive-I-can” attitude, generates the power, skill, and energy needed to do. When you believe I-can-do-it, the how-to-do-it develops”

There is a reason 6 million people have purchased a copy of this Book .

“The Magic Of Thinking Big.” Check it out.
The key is remembering that you can’t just wish and believe – you have to actually take action to acquire skills.

I’m not an affiliate of this book and I’m not looking for any financial gain by recommending this book

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The Secret of live is to be happier, healthier, and live longer with Laughter

Laughter is my best medicine.


Some people say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but I find that a good sense of humor and a hearty laugh every day has even better benefits! I use humor to help keep me healthy and solve all sorts of challenges.

First and foremost, laughter relieves my stress. When my mind is focused on something funny, I can’t help but forget my worries, even if for a short time. Since stress causes most health issues, daily laughter keeps stress from building up to unhealthy levels.

A good belly laugh causes the mind to produce endorphins that promote a feeling of well-being. The way I figure, the more endorphins I make, the better I feel! It’s no secret that people with a good sense of humor live happier, healthier, and longer lives.

When I am feeling down, I take a break from my tasks to enjoy a funny movie or play entertaining games. After having my fun, I feel rejuvenated and get back on track with what I need to do.

If I am involved in a tense situation with someone, I think of something funny to break the tension. It always works! After we laugh, we’re better able to settle our differences amicably so we can find a win-win solution.

Laughter also helps me relax my mind. It sends extra oxygen to the brain that aids in clarity, which is always a good benefit.

I like to add, humor in my everyday Martial arts classes routines so I can rejuvenate my body, mind, and spirit!

What gave you your biggest laughs today? How did I feel afterwards?

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to understand ourselves.



Martial Arts self-awareness is the most important aspect of personal development.

It determines nearly everything else, including whether you’re able to stay motivated and achieve your goals. As you peel away the layers, you’ll discover wonderful things about yourself when you simply become more aware.
With self-awareness, you can change deeply held beliefs if they don’t serve you well. The journey of self-discovery is never-ending and filled with surprises and adventures in your inner landscape.
When you become self-aware, you know your strengths, weaknesses, and personality type. But it’s more than this. Fully knowing yourself includes being aware of your thoughts and watching them objectively as an observer, without emotion or attachment.
For example, you might tell yourself, “Now I’m experiencing anger.” You can then go on to ask yourself why you’re getting angry and where that anger is coming from. Certainly, your soul within you is not angry. So who is?

“To have greater self-awareness or understanding means to have a better grasp of reality.”
- Dalai Lama

To read the entire 18 page  Free PDF file click the link below.


Be prepared to write down ideas as they come to you.

How To See Yourself The Right Way

personal development
Thinking positively about your situation is a form of personal development and will allow you to have a more fulfilling lifestyle. This article includes many simple and useful tips for you to start your personal development, change your character and way of thinking, and improve your lifestyle.

The people in your life should have similar interests. This will help you to maintain a positive focus in your own life.

Sit down and uncover what has become the barrier between you and your goals. This is a difficult task for many people. But, you can’t fix the problem if you don’t know what is wrong. If you are successful in moving obstacles out of your way, you may find that your life’s path is easier to navigate.

TIP! Find people you can relate to. This will reinforce the aspects of your personality that you are seeking to develop, while allowing you to distance yourself from toxic individuals in your life.

Be prepared to write down ideas as they come to you, no matter where that may happen. Start out by carrying a small notepad whenever you go out. Making quick notes about the inspiration as it strikes you will jog your memory and add to the potential that you will later incorporate into a thoughtful creative process.

Instead of bragging about  your achievements and awards, ask other people about what they have accomplished that they are most proud of. You will then find out things that others have done to accomplish their goals, and you will get some insight.

Talking over your personal issues with someone such as a trained counselor or pastor can be an uplifting experience. These professionals are equipped to discuss very deep, emotional issues and often have many years of experience. They can help you get on the right path to enlightenment by analyzing what is going on in your life. By speaking with a professional about your problems, you can lead a much healthier and enjoyable life.

TIP! Use your core principals to your advantage. Your personal beliefs create the foundation for who you are.

Increasing the complex carbs in your diet can help manage depression. If you do not eat enough complex carbohydrates, you will not have enough Serotonin. Add complex carbohydrates to your diet through increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice and whole grains.

Spend some time doing something that makes you happy. It is important that you be an active participant in living your life. Watching from the sidelines serves no good purpose. Being a passive observer to the world around you removes you from the game entirely. Do not let that happen.

You can learn how to approach tough situations in your life without losing your cool. As a martial artist if you learn to stay calm during stressful times, you will have the confidence you need to face almost anything in your life. Take time to slow down and breathe deeply.

TIP! Speaking to a pastor or a professional counselor can be very rewarding. These people have a lot of experience and expertise in helping people deal with personal issues, and are licensed to do so.

Getting healthier is a personal development step that can have far-reaching positive repercussions. When you are healthy, you feel better and have more energy. A healthy body also means that your mind will be sharper, and you may not have to spend as much money on heath care. Make better choices, dedicate yourself to it.

Hopefully, this article gave you a chance to think about how you can improve various parts of your personality, character and mental outlook, in order to acquire a better lifestyle. With the tips you just learned you can begin in your efforts towards personal development, helping you reshape your life for the better so you can begin anew.

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personal development