A Vision is a snap

A Vision is a snap-shot of as condition not yet met!


Training at the dojo is the first step to a perfect and balanced life. As you train at the dojo you will begin to notice that these patterns completely and unconsciously become who you are!

So that your technique improves before you realize it, your confidence over comes self-doubt, and your body will become strong before you very eyes! Remember the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.

The more you ponder the technique the more interesting your life becomes!

The only two points that matter when getting directions in my Martial Arts training are the starting point and the destination. As long as I know where I am and where I am headed, I can block out any other mental images.

There is no need for me to focus on the past. Dwelling on the past keeps me from moving ahead. I can’t drive forward while looking  through the rearview mirror.

Whether my past was filled with victories or defeats, it is the past. My past victories help to strengthen my confidence. Yesterday’s failures taught me valuable life lessons

Yet, my eyes are set on the present because I allow the light of possibility to shine in.

My attention is never set on the path of others. When I understand that I have my own journey to enjoy, I stop comparing myself to others. Comparison slows down progress and breeds envy.

I feel proud of what I have been able to accomplish. Hard work and determination have gotten me to this point, and my life is filled with blessings.

Although I am blessed to be where I am, I do not want to stop here. I want to move forward because my calling is greater than anything I have ever done.

I have a clear vision of where I want to be. My goal is to live the best life that I was created to live. Positive thoughts and a heart full of faith will help me reach my goal.

Daily, I picture myself enjoying great victories. Whatever my heart dreams and my mind envisions, becomes a reality through my determination. In my mind, I am confident that I will succeed because I have an unshakeable faith in my abilities.

When a door closes, I keep pounding until it opens because I am determined to find a way to achieve what I have set out to accomplish. If all doors are closed, I look for a window or I make my own path because I am unstoppable.

Giving up is not an option. I am unaffected by temporary failures. I reject fear, doubt, and unbelief. I shut out all the voices that speak these things to me and remind myself that life is only as difficult as I choose to see it. When I am tired, I drink from the cup of perseverance to quench my thirst.

Success is within my reach because I have the necessary skills to achieve it. I am willing to face all the odds against me and I am determined to defeat them. The strength to overcome obstacles is within me.

By seeking relationships with people who encourage me and push me forward, I position myself on the path to triumph. Excuses are absent from my vocabulary because they simply cloud my vision.

Today, I choose to focus my vision to see only victory. I turn off all distractions in order to concentrate on the things that are important to me.