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Try these techniques for clean eating


1. Eat more nuts and seeds.
2. Enjoy low-fat, organic dairy products
3. Avoid foods with complicated ingredient names
4. Organize your meals into five or six parts per day.
5. Clean eating is easier if you cook at home, so plan the shopping list carefully
6. Follow basic strategies in shopping for food
7. Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds can dominate the shopping list
8. Add healthy flours and granola to the shopping list.
9. Avoid deep frying foods
10. Avoid excessive salt

Add healthy fats and get rid of trans fats. Trans fats aren’t nutritious, and the Mayo Clinic considers them the worst category of fat.
• Many processed foods contain trans fats. They’re common in baked goods like cookies and fried foods like French fries. Trans fats can wreak havoc on your cholesterol levels by increasing the bad cholesterol while decreasing the good one.


Try these techniques for clean eating

Harmonious Living for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Living for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

1. Everything is already in harmony. There are no “problems.” Only opportunities for spiritual growth.

2. Tai Chi is the safest and one of the most beneficial exercises for all ages. Learn Tai Chi and enjoy better health, well being and freedom from stress.

3. Try the powerful and increasingly popular Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to dissolve health or emotional issues, no matter how deep-rooted.

4. There is extensive evidence regarding the harmonious effects of spiritual practice on your body and mind. Choose your spiritual path carefully and follow it diligently.

5. Your thoughts can change the molecular structure of water. Be grateful when you drink a glass of water. Avoid negative emotion.

6. Be grateful for all your small and big blessings. Give thanks for these every day when you wake up.

7. Another great tool for creating harmony is Feng Shui. It enables you to flow in harmony with the energy around you.

8. Make some time for yourself every day for self-reflection. Give others the same alone time.

9. Let your body, mind, and soul make beautiful music together. Experience newfound joys, less stress, increased health, stronger relationships, and peace as you learn to live in harmony with yourself, others, and the world around you.