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I had to stop the video 3 times just to hold myself and not cry! He is so right! We are selfish and that’s why we quit! And once we quit, the second time it will be easier and third time it will become our habit. But one day it all will come back to hit us back! And it will hurt more than we have continued the first time although it was hard!

What I learned today:
1. Be patient – Engage in consistent action
2. Do extra drills
3. People quit because they don’t have pride in what they do
4. People stop because they’re selfish and it’s just about them
5. You need a driving force for what you do that’s bigger than you
6. Quote: “Son, whatever you start, you make sure you finish.”
7. Don’t let quitting become a habit
8. Life is a blessing and life is a gift.
Thanks Inky =)

Keep diary and bullets in it and review them regularly. They’re like a mini shot in the arm and it will keep you moving in the right direction =)

If you try to fire others please be sure you credit Inky Johnson as the original source =)



Please watch part two


Learn to Finish What You Start

Persistence Pays: Learning to Finish What You Start

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Practice makes perfect. We’ve heard that mantra since we were kids. But more specifically, embody persistence. That is the key to master anything. You can practice something once every two months and not get very good at whatever you are doing. On the other hand, persistence will almost always deliver results.

With all the modern day distractions, from video games, the internet, television, etc., it can be a difficult proposition to keep focused on persistence. Putting aside those distractions will free us to become better at something we have dreamed of in the past.

It’s important to balance being persistent with not being too pushy. It’s one thing to want something and do whatever it takes to get it. However, if you are encroaching on others personal space or even their rights, you may have to take a different approach or back off and find another way.

This doesn’t mean backing away from something you desire. If you have just as much right as anyone else to pursue it and using persistence is the key to getting it, then you should go for it. Maybe you have been trying to get a promotion at work. Your persistence may be the aspect that makes you stand out above the others.

If you ever saw the series Columbo in the 1970’s, Peter Falk played a detective who tended to be persistent with his inquiries. This paid off for him as he was always able to catch the perpetrator. Of course, this is a fictional story, but the concept carries easily into real life.

Many people believe that if you really want something, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Usually, this will happen from being persistent. There is some truth to this, but sometimes there can be something limiting that holds you back from doing what is necessary. Try to determine what is blocking you. If you try to accomplish something and fail, only to try it again later, this still could mean that you want it bad enough. You just weren’t ready for it during the first attempts.

People can also persist with bad habits or unwanted behaviors. In this case, it’s best not to embody persistence and try to deemphasize the negative behavior or traits. One great way to do this is to replace these negative aspects with positive ones. The effort is the same. But the results will be well worth the switch.

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Ways to deal with Unlocking Your Potential

Do you wonder why you haven’t accomplished more with your life? Do you feel that you have great potential locked up inside of you? Most adults feel this way.

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No one ever truly reaches their potential, but it’s discouraging that so many of us never even scratch the surface of our potential.

Are you ready to find out what you can do?

Find out what you’re really capable of accomplishing:

  1. Be bold. This is the number one tip for unleashing your potential on the world. Your limited achievements are likely due to the fact that you’re timid. If you were out there doing your best each day, you’d be too busy piling up successes to read an article like this. Stop caring about the opinions of others and show the world what you’ve got.
  2. Have bold goals. To live up to your potential, you need goals. Goals provide a direction for your energy and effort. Effective goals are motivating, which is great if you’re going to set bold goals! Avoid overwhelming yourself. Goals should be bold, but not overwhelming.
  1. Combine your strengths and interests. Do you really care about maximizing your chess-playing potential if you don’t enjoy playing chess? You’ll have the most potential in the areas where you show natural strength and have a high level of interest. What are you good at that you also enjoy?
  2. Get expert assistance. Some of the leading experts in the world still have a coach or mentor. The right mentor can help you to reach your potential faster than you can do it alone. Spend the time necessary to find a good mentor. It’s like putting your progress on the fast track.
  3. Make progress each day. A small amount of progress, accumulated over time, can result in amazing progress. Avoid overwhelming yourself by setting a schedule or goals that you can’t maintain. But, be sure to make some progress each and every day. The amount of progress you can make in a year would be staggering.
  4. Develop habits that help you accomplish your goals. Keeping with the same theme of making progress each day, your habits are those things you do each day. An effective set of habits all but guarantees success.
  • Examine your goals and determine the habits that would make success likely. The hardest job you have is creating habits. Once the right habits are in place, there’s little else to worry about. Create an effective routine and stick with it.
  1. Determine your obstacles. There’s always something in the way. It might be a lack of time, money, or other resource. Maybe you have a spouse that demands a lot of your time. Maybe you live in the wrong place. After all, it’s not easy to maximize your surfing skills in Missouri.
  • Create a plan for dealing with your obstacles. What can you do to overcome them, or at least minimize them? What do you need? What do you need to stop doing? How can you alter your life to make success more likely?
  1. Expect success. If you expect failure, you’re bound to fail. Why not give yourself the benefit of the doubt and expect good things? If you have solid goals, good habits, and a smidge of discipline, there’s no reason to doubt yourself.

Making a few decisions, acting boldly, and finding a mentor are just a few of the things you can do to unlock your potential.

Make today the day you start living at your highest level.

What are you waiting for?

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