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How It Feels To Have A Better Mindset

A Martial Artist Present Moment Mindset – Bringing Eastern Philosophy to the West

Present Moment Mindset

You may have been advised to spend more time in the “present moment,” but what does this really mean? Present moment thinking has been the concentration of eastern religions for thousands of years.

Religion And Philosophy

Some Martial Artist are tempted to turn away immediately when Eastern philosophy is brought up just because they think it might threaten their core religious beliefs. There are no religious impositions though; the present moment is available to everyone in every moment no matter who you are. In fact, most religions, in one way or another, agree with the belief of living in the moment, not in the past or future.

Eastern Religions And The Present Moment

There are many different divisions of religion in the East, just like the West. Many of them differ with certain beliefs and philosophies, but many agree on the importance of the present moment.

In recent decades, the West has been picking up on these ancient philosophies and many people use these lessons to help cope with modern problems. It works and it proves that the human condition has always been the same.

The Present Moment Defined

The present moment can be defined as your attention being solely on what you’re doing right now. It’s when you’re not thinking of “other things.” If you’re washing the dishes, your mind is fully aware when you start the faucet, grip the sponge, and wipe the plates clean. There are no other thoughts in your mind other than what it is you’re doing in the moment.

While staying in the present moment may seem boring at times, you’ve probably already felt its true power without really knowing it.

Have you ever been outside enjoying nature and a feeling of peace flooded over you? Have you ever stared up at the sky and stars and contemplated the meaning behind them? The past and future wash away, and the only thing that’s important in that moment is the “now.”

Staying in the Present Moment

The process of staying in the present moment may take some practice. If you try for any length of time to stay fully present, your mind will likely try to bring you out of it. This is because thoughts about the past and future are constantly creeping up.

This can be a source of frustration, but you must fight the urge to judge yourself since that negative emotion would defeat the purpose.

Be aware that your mind will reach for the past and future; yet be ready to let go of those thoughts when they come up. The more you practice remaining present, the easier it’ll become.

Practicing Meditation

Meditation is an art that’s not only reserved for Eastern religions. It’s a method of bringing yourself into the present that’s available to you at all times.

Here are some tips to follow when beginning meditation:

 Choose a time of day when you can relax and be alone.
 Sit in a position that gives you good posture.
 Concentrate on your breathing.
 Take deep breaths in and out and focus only on your breath.
 Try to meditate for at least 30 minutes each day.
 Fight the urge to fall asleep.

You’ll find that you get better at meditation with practice. Don’t give up on yourself! Every session may not feel as good as the last, but it’s important to stick with it.

Meditation will enable you to get to know your mind and body better. You’ll maintain awareness for when your mind is in an agitated state, and you’ll be able to place better focus on fixing your problems and moving toward your goals.

All in all, developing a present moment mindset can bring you more peace and fulfillment in your life. Isn’t that worth a little practice?

10 Martial Arts Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety












How to Free Yourself from Anxiety

Anxiety and worry can take over your life if you allow it to. Whether we like it or not, constant stress and worry can physically make us sick. The good news is that there are ways to help alleviate anxiety.

To read the whole article just click the link the down load able PDF file below,

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You’re Never Too Old To learn the Martial Arts of Ninjutsu

The Martial arts term for Ninjutsu literally means skills of perseverance.

Ninja Ninjutsu



Historically, Ninjutsu is a general term for a variety of martial skills that share a common characteristics.

These characteristics include the people who nurtured and developed Ninjutsu, the combination of conventional and unconventional fighting methods, and the period when Ninjutsu was most widely used, among other characteristics.

Disappearing techniques utilize surprise, technical body maneuverability, and the aid of blinding devices or techniques, to “super humanly disappear.

For example, setting off small explosives to create a cloud of smoke, or simply throwing sand at the opponents eyes would provide a warrior the opportunity to hide.

It is common among those who practice ninjutsu these days to think that in medieval Japan the goal was to master all aspects and all the techniques associated with ninjutsu.

However, the movie industry only reflected and exaggerated a common Japanese view of Ninpo/Ninjutsu and ninja that have existed in Japan at least since the early-modern period (Tokugawa/Edo period 1600-1868).

Ninpo includes the eighteen martial skills (bugei juhappan) for the common bushi (warrior), and another group of eighteen unconventional types of martial skills (ninja juhakkei) for special warfare.

Ninpo is a group of related martial traditions that have developed in Japan since the ancient period (before the 12th century), and that have been combined in the modern period under one comprehensive martial system.

Indeed those who were skilled in ninjutsu were proficient in surveillance techniques, but it is a common mistake to view these warriors as professional spies who were groomed since childhood to serve as such.

The truth remains, though, that warriors in Japanese history who applied Ninjutsu were not super-human assassins for hire, rather a group of people who were not confined to common concepts and rules and developed a wider, more effective form of fighting skills.

The challenge That Stops PROBLEM Dead in Its Tracks

What can you do today to challenge your mind and increase its capacity to deal with adversity?

Training in the Martial Arts each day, I grow stronger in mind, body, soul and my spirit.



Every day provides the possibility of growing stronger in every way. I seek out and take advantage of these opportunities. The possibility of growth is interesting and exciting to me.

I find ways to make my mind stronger. I constantly challenge my thinking and beliefs. Through challenge, I increase my capacity to overcome adversity.

I give my body the respect it deserves. I eat healthy food to provide my body with the nutrients it needs to be at its best. I exercise my body on a regular basis in order to be strong and fit at age of 65. I get the sleep I need to feel alert and well rested each day.

I use prayer or meditation to nourish my soul and spirit. Giving these activities regular attention is a sure way to strengthen my spirituality.

Seeking small enhancements in each area of my life is easy and attainable. Small, incremental changes bring excellent results with a minimal amount of stress. I easily find opportunities to make these small changes.

Today, I am focused on strengthening every aspect of my being. I am embracing challenge as a chance for growth. My mind, body, soul and spirit are growing stronger.

How can you incorporate prayer or meditation into your life?