Niji No Hashi Dojo training develops the spirit through a philosophy’s of life’ called Ninpo. This method emphasizes developing the strength of spirit that enables one to see through the fears and illusions of life and understand the natural workings of the universe so that natural wisdom results and leads to peace of mind and genuine joy.  Training students in Traditional self-defense, tactics, weaponry, proportional response, the Niji No Hashi offers Ninpo a program unlike any other in the martial arts world. Students become quick thinking, confident practitioners…. capable of defusing dangerous situations, able to disarm and disable all types of assailants – quickly and efficiently, just like a Ninja. Over the years my students have told me their success stories. Stories of increased confidence that led to promotions at work, taking actions that helped them achieve their goals and having people listen to them and take them seriously. Japanese martial arts techniques that rely on a science of body movements. Historically, the word taijutsu was often used interchangeably with jujutsu (as well as many other terms) to refer to a range of grappling skills. The Japanese written character for Nin of ninja can also be pronounced shinobi. It is best translated as “stealth, endurance, perseverance, or putting-up-with”.  Nin communicates the kind of inner strength we need to keep our eyes on the grander goal. We know what we need and we are willing to do whatever it takes to get it One goal of training in the Ninjutsu Martial Arts was always to have a complete person. The ninja needed to be able to leap, run, scale walls Classes for children are geared for types of confrontational responses that they may encounter. Emphasis is placed on discipline, mental focus Why Young Children Love Our Ninjutsu Martial Arts Classes… Every class is full of jumping, kicking & punching, activities. Every class has tons of high-energy drills that keep them interested. Every class is exciting and motivational A discount program run by hobbyists is likely to be poorly designed and unskillfully presented. You could lose the opportunity for you and your child to get the real and lasting benefits of authentic martial arts training. Start with the best school right from the beginning.

Niji No Hashi Dojo Martial Arts Cary,NC